Papercast selected as technology supplier

The leader in e-paper information display systems has been selected as technology partner

Papercast, the leader in e-paper information display systems, has been selected as technology partner for INEOS TEAM UK’s forthcoming America’s Cup (AC36) challenge taking place in Auckland in 2021. 

INEOS TEAM UK team members (L-R) Mark Cartwright and Andy McLean with Robert Bicket from Papercast
© Sarah Alexander

INEOS TEAM UK was formed in 2018 to bring the America’s Cup home to Britain. The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world and is ultimately a design and technology race. INEOS TEAM UK will use the best of British innovation to design and build two ‘AC75’ 75-foot foiling mono-hulls.

Papercast e-paper display technology was originally developed to transform real-time passenger information at bus stops around the world, with solar powered, wireless, sunlight readable displays. With a major foothold in this market, Papercast is perfectly placed to develop its technology for use in other more demanding applications where e-paper can provide significant benefits over traditional LCD and LED technologies. Papercast e-paper displays combine ultra-low energy consumption with market leading processing performance along with a lightweight IP-rated enclosure.


INEOS Rebels Helmsman and skipper Ben Ainslie in the zone at the GC32 World Championships 2019
© Harry KH

Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Skipper of INEOS TEAM UK; “It’s impossible to sail these incredibly advanced and sophisticated boats without data, and getting that data in a fast, highly-readable format in the extreme environment of an AC75 cockpit is a real challenge. We’re very happy to have Papercast onboard to take that challenge on.”

 Robert Bicket, CEO of Papercast; “The America’s Cup is the pinnacle of yacht racing and this campaign is particularly close to my heart. I am delighted that our technology will form one of the many vital components that will make this one of the strongest British AC challengers that this country has ever seen.”